San Juan Vacation Rentals:
Condos & Villas

San Juan vacation rentals, like condos and villas, are a good lodging alternative when it comes to big families or a group of friends for several reasons…

  • You could have more than one bedroom and more space in general.
  • They usually come with an equipped kitchen; therefore, you can cook there and save money on dining out.
  • They are not as crowded as hotels.
  • You could save money by splitting the cost between each person in your party.


  • Parking is limited to one or two cars – for a big group this could be an issue.
  • Depending on the type of rental, you may not have housekeeping service every day, but a cleaning fee for when you leave.
  • They usually don’t have all of the extra amenities that a hotel has (restaurant on site, room service, etc.).
  • Your options may be more limited, as it could sometimes depend on unit availability for the period of time you want to book.
  • They have minimum rental requirements (which is okay if you plan to stay several days in San Juan, but not if you want to check out the next day, say, to board a cruise).

In this site, I only list a few San Juan vacation rentals, but there are many more, especially in Condado and Isla Verde, where the beaches are!

In Old San Juan:

In Puerta de Tierra:

In Condado:

In Isla Verde:

  • ESJ Towers Condo
    6165 Isla Verde Ave
    Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979
    Tel: (787) 641-3583
    Fax: (787) 791-5151

In Ocean Park:

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