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As we know, San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico; therefore, you can imagine how many restaurants there are. Countless! It would be impossible for me to list all of them here. That’s why I have created a list of the most popular San Juan restaurants that many people love and I recommend you try!

Please note that reservations are not accepted in some of these restaurants, especially the ones in Old San Juan because their space is limited. Also, their opening days and times vary per restaurant. I have included their phone numbers (and websites for some of them) for you to contact them directly for this type of inquiries. I will provide that information in the future in this page.

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Condado Restaurants
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Old San Juan Restaurants

Café Puerto Rico – (Comida Criolla/Puerto Rican cuisine)
208 O’Donnel St.

Tel: (787) 724-2281 – this website is in Spanish, but it shows the menu in both Spanish and English.

La Mallorquina – (Comida Criolla/Puerto Rican cuisine)
207 San Justo St.

Tel: (787) 722-3261 & (787) 640-3734

La Mallorquina is one of the oldest restaurants in Old San Juan. It was founded in 1848 and has been serving traditional Puerto Rican and Spanish food ever since. A visit to this restaurant will make you feel like you are going back on time, as the building has been maintained in its original condition featuring a décor from the last two centuries.

The Parrot Club – (Comida Criolla/Latino cuisine)
363 Fortaleza St.

Tel: (787) 725-7370

La Bombonera – (Comida Criolla/Puerto Rican cuisine)
259 San Francisco St.

Tel: (787) 722-0658

Raíces – (Comida Criolla/Puerto Rican cuisine)
315 Recinto Sur St.

Tel: (787) 258-1570 & (787) 258-1560

El Jibarito – (Comida Criolla/Puerto Rican cuisine)
280 Sol St.

Tel: (787) 725-8375

El Jibarito is a restaurant that serves Puerto Rican food as authentic as it gets. This is the type of food that you would see in any Puerto Rican home, the type of food that my grandma would make. So, if you are curious to try the real thing, don’t worry, you won’t have to go anywhere inland to check it out. El Jibarito is the place to go.

Amadeus – (Caribbean cuisine)
106 San Sebastián St.

Tel: (787) 722-8635

The Dragonfly – (Asian-Latino cuisine & Sushi)
364 Fortaleza St.

Tel: (787) 977-3886

Tantra – (Indo-Latino cuisine)
356 Fortaleza St.

Tel: (787) 977-8141

Indo-Latino cuisine? Is that even possible? Come to Tantra to try it! Yes, in this restaurant the fusion between Indian and Puerto Rican/Latino flavors is made possible and it is absolutely amazing. So, if you like Indian food, why not trying this interesting twist to it?

Aguaviva – (Seaside-Latino cuisine)
364 Fortaleza St.

Tel: (787) 722-0665

Seafood fan? In Aguaviva (which means jellyfish) seafood is cooked and seasoned with Puerto Rican/Latino spices and served with traditional Puerto Rican side items and drinks, which gives it a nice twist from your typical seafood restaurant.

Ostra Cosa Restaurant – (Mainly Seafood cuisine)
154 Cristo St.

Tel: (787) 722-2672

El Picoteo – (Spanish cuisine)
In El Convento Hotel
100 Cristo St.

Tel: (787) 723-9020

Toro Salao – (Spanish cuisine)
367 Tetuán St.

Tel: (787) 722-3330

Barú – (Spanish Tapas)
150 San Sebastián St.

Tel: (787) 977-7107

Trois Cent Onze (311) – (French cuisine)
311 Fortaleza St.

Tel: (787) 725-7959

Al Dente – (Italian cuisine)
309 Recinto Sur St.

Tel: (787) 723-7303

Absolutely one of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Rico. Al Dente is a restaurant of authentic Italian food and a large selection of wines. The owner, who is from Sicily, and his Puerto Rican wife have decorated the restaurant with colorful paintings that transport you to his native city in Italy. You can eat inside or at outside tables to enjoy the colonial setting of Old San Juan while savoring exquisite dishes and desserts from one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Puerto Rico.

St. Germain Bistro & Café – (European cuisine)
156 Sol St.
(Corner of Sol and Cruz Streets)

Tel: (787) 725-5830

El Patio de Sam – (American & Puerto Rican cuisine)
102 San Sebastián St.

Tel: (787) 723-1149

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