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Guide to Where to Stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Planning a trip can be exciting! But deciding where to stay can be sometimes time consuming and can make a big difference on how you spend your time during your vacation. If your hotel is too far from the main attractions, you’ll have to take into consideration the travel time from and to your hotel every time you do something. If it’s close, then you save that travel time and put it to better use. You could either spend more time in each attraction or you can go to more attractions and do more things with that extra time. Also, where you stay could determine whether you need to rent a car or spend more money on taxis or other transportation means to get around the city.

The purpose of your trip is another important thing to consider when deciding where to stay. If you are coming to San Juan mainly to see the historic landmarks, the forts, or to enjoy the restaurants and nightlife of Old San Juan, then you are better off staying in Old San Juan. But if you are coming to San Juan mainly to enjoy the beaches more than anything, to try your lady luck at a casino, and to explore some of the attractions outside the old city, like the Yunque Rainforest or the Piñones Reserve, then you may want to stay in the resort areas of Condado and Isla Verde. But don’t take me wrong, you can still do ALL of those things no matter where you stay because Old San Juan is just a few miles away from Condado and Isla Verde.

If you are coming to San Juan for the first time and want to get an overall experience of everything there is to do, then I recommend you stay in either Condado or Isla Verde. There you have more options as far as accommodations goes than you have in Old San Juan, and you can stay in a nice beachfront hotel with a view, if that is what you like.

If you are planning on just spending the night in San Juan prior to boarding a cruise that leaves from Old San Juan (Cruise Piers 1-6) the next day, then your best bet would be to stay at the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel & Casino, which is right across the cruise piers, or at any other Old San Juan hotel for that matter.

The key is to have a plan and decide based on that. And I intend to help you with that by listing San Juan accommodations based on type, location, rates and features.

San Juan Accommodations by Type:


Inns/Bed and Breakfasts

Vacation Rentals: Condos, Apartments, Villas

San Juan Accommodations by Location:

Old San Juan

Old San Juan Hotels

Old San Juan Inns

Old San Juan Vacation Rentals

Puerta de Tierra

Puerta de Tierra is the area with the least accommodations in San Juan (out of those covered in this guide). It has luxurious villas and two very different hotels for two types of budgets. If you stay in Puerta de Tierra, you either want to save money or splurge.

Puerta de Tierra Hotels

Puerta de Tierra Villas


Condado Hotels

Condado Inns

Condado Vacation Rentals

Isla Verde

Isla Verde Hotels

Isla Verde Inns

Isla Verde Vacation Rentals

Ocean Park

Ocean Park accommodations are mainly small inns, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses. You won’t find large hotels or resorts like you would in its neighboring areas of Condado and Isla Verde. This is what makes Ocean Park attractive, besides the fact that it has the nicest and more secluded beach in San Juan, Ocean Park Beach.

Ocean Park has also a number of vacation rentals for those looking for a more private setting than the typical bed and breakfast or inn.

Ocean Park Inns

Ocean Park Vacation Rentals


The upscale residential neighborhood of Miramar has four hotels. They are the perfect accommodations for business travelers, for those who simply enjoy the residential feel of Miramar, and for those that like staying away from the more touristy areas.

An advantage of staying in Miramar is that the area is close to the Puerto Rico Convention Center and the Pan American Cruise Pier.

Miramar Hotels

Inside Airport

The Luis Munoz Marin International Airport houses only one hotel: The Best Western San Juan Airport Hotel

San Juan Accommodations by Categories:

Beachfront Accommodations

Beachfront Hotels

Beachfront Inns and Apartments/Villas

Hotel & Casino

While hotels in San Juan are relatively close to each other and within walking distance, if the main purpose of your trip is to try your lady luck at a casino, you may want to consider staying at one of the twelve hotels in San Juan with a casino.

San Juan Casino Hotels

If these hotels are not within your budget or are out of the question for any other reason, try to identify one that is close to any of these casino hotels, so you don’t have to walk long distances to get to one. Remember, there are only twelve of them among a great number of San Juan accommodations.

Historic Accommodations

While many San Juan accommodations are relatively old (built many years ago), for the purpose of this guide, I have identified as historic accommodations those found in Old San Juan.

San Juan Historic Hotels

Old San Juan Historic Inns

Budget Accommodations

In general, inns are more affordable than hotels because they charge considerably less. Therefore, for the purpose of this guide, I have identified inns as budget accommodations along with some hotels.

San Juan Budget Hotels

San Juan Inns

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