Old San Juan

Colonial city with more than 400 years of history

The most popular and visited area of San Juan is Old San Juan. This is the area where most of the historical attractions are and where cruise ships arrive. Old San Juan is located on a 3 square mile island off the coast of Puerto Rico that is connected to the mainland by bridges.

Old San Juan from Cruise Ship

It is in Old San Juan that you will find the most popular attractions for visitors and where you will see the most beautiful sunsets and picturesque sceneries.

View beautiful landscape photography of the streets of Old San Juan.

The history and the location of Old San Juan are what make this area stand out from the rest of the city.

What to do in Old San Juan?

The best thing to do in Old San Juan is to walk. Yes, just like in European cities, walking is the way to go. You will see that you will find something to explore in every corner as you go.

There are numerous shops, stores, restaurants, bars, plazas, museums, churches, and other things that you could miss if you are driving. Nonetheless, renting a car and driving around is still a good option, especially if you are staying in a hotel outside Old San Juan. But even so, I recommend you park in a designated area and walk as much as you can to make it more memorable. And plus, although everything may look far away, Old San Juan is really not that big, so it is easy to explore most of it on foot.

If walking is not an option or if you get tired easily (because there are some steep streets), there is a free trolley service that can take you to the main shopping areas and to El Morro Fort, the most popular destination in San Juan. However, this trolley service doesn’t provide a tour guide, so you wouldn’t know what you are seeing unless you have a guide and map on hand that you can acquire at the Visitor Center.

For a detailed list of places to visit in Old San Juan, refer to the Attractions and Entertainment sections of this guide.

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