About Me

Thank you for visiting San Juan Travel Guide (www.sanjuan-travel-guide.com). My name is Isamarie, and I’m the author of this site.

How it all Started

From Puerto Rico to Florida

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, specifically in the metropolitan area of San Juan.

Went to school there, went to church there, worked there, shopped there, did everything there. (I’m talking about a 100 by 35 miles island!)

Oh yes, I was ready for a change! I wanted to expand my horizons! Not that I didn’t like my island or that I was tired of it. I just wanted to see something different and explore other countries and cities. My dream was to travel the world. (It still is)

I was able to start making it happen at the age of 24 when I moved to Florida to take advantage of a job opportunity. Needless to say, I was excited! This represented a new adventure and stage in my life. After all, Florida is the capital of theme parks and NASA’s Space Shuttle Program! It is also a BIG state (compared to Puerto Rico), and there is much to see.

But as excited as I was, I was also sad to leave my family and friends behind.

Marriage and Nonstop Travelling

My first years living in Florida were great. I was able to visit many cities in and out of state. I even went to Europe with friends.

After that, I married the most wonderful man in the world (who I met at work). But the travelling didn’t stop there. Now I was travelling with him. We were both making our dreams a reality.

Homesick Feeling

It finally hit me… It took me a couple of trips to other parts of the world to realize that I grew up in one of the most amazing spots in the whole world! The Caribbean! And Puerto Rico is a gorgeous island in the Caribbean! It’s like I had not realized this before because that was all I knew. That was normal to me.

But now that I’ve learned to value and appreciate the beauty of my island, my longing for it grows stronger and stronger.

So many things I miss…

The beaches are beautiful…

The forests are tropical and one of a kind…

The people are warm, charming and very outgoing.

The history is unbelievable, and you can see it in its buildings and fortifications.

The topography with its mountains, hills, valleys and waterways altogether is unlike anything I have seen anywhere else.

The food is exquisite!

And the weather is the best of all, warm all year round!

Creating a Website About San Juan

Missing my island so much inspired me to work on the project of creating a website about the most fantastic city in Puerto Rico: San Juan, which is also the Gateway to the island and to the rest of the Caribbean.

Also, the fact that my husband is not from Puerto Rico makes it even more rewarding because the website allows me to introduce him to San Juan and get him interested in exploring the little piece of land where I come from.

Plus, writing about San Juan is a great excuse for me and my husband to travel to Puerto Rico often! And what a better way of enhancing our trips to Puerto Rico by visiting San Juan each time and bringing back a new memory to post on this website.

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