San Juan Travel Guide

Your Travel Guide to the Charming Capital of Puerto Rico
and second oldest city in the New World

San Juan is a city known by many for its historic charm, beauty and picturesque scenery with its forts, hanging balconies...

Old San Juan Fort Old San Juan Balcony

blue cobblestone streets, plazas...

Old San Juan Cobblestone Street Old San Juan Plaza

colorful buildings, and great sunsets that create a picture perfect environment!

Old San Juan Colorful Buildings San Juan Sunset

It is a popular cruise destination in the Caribbean for many cruise lines.

San Juan Cruise

San Juan has the most popular and busiest port in the Caribbean. Trades and goods for the island make their way every day to the port along with many cruise ships that transport over one million visitors a year to the city!

Why do visitors come to San Juan? Here's why...

San Juan is a favorite destination for many visitors because it is an exotic city filled with history that offers many possibilities for everyone in the middle of the Caribbean. From those that enjoy a city atmosphere with vibrant nightlife to those that prefer more seclusion in a tropical setting. San Juan has it all! And of course, on top of that, just as any other Caribbean destination, something that attracts visitors to this great island is the beaches! And San Juan has them too!

Here are other highlights and interesting facts about San Juan that make it a popular Caribbean destination:

  • San Juan is the second oldest city in the Americas (older than any other in the U.S.), after Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Therefore it has a lot of history, which you can see reflected in its architecture: buildings, plazas (squares), streets, etc.
  • Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. Therefore passports are not required for US citizens. Also, English is the second official language of Puerto Rico and it is spoken fluently by many locals (No need to worry about communication problems). ;-)
  • Currency is the U.S. dollar. You don’t have to worry about currency exchange if you are coming from the U.S. or be cheated for not knowing the exchange rates.
  • Most cell phones companies in the U.S. include Puerto Rico in their national plans. That means you don’t need to turn your cell phone off or worry about international roaming charges.
  • Casinos are legal in Puerto Rico, and there are many in San Juan.
  • Puerto Rico is home to the famous Bacardi Rum Distillery, which is located in the metropolitan area of San Juan.
  • Baseball is big in San Juan and you can watch a game for a fairly low price.
  • Salsa is also big in San Juan and you can find many places where salsa is played and danced if you are in the mood to practice or to give it a shot!
  • There are many restaurants that offer the most exquisite and exotic dining experiences Caribbean style.
  • San Juan is located just 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from El Yunque, the only National Tropical Rainforest in the United States. This is a place that is worth visiting when you are in Puerto Rico. It is the only one of its kind!
  • Other great attractions like The Caverns of Rio Camuy and the Arecibo Observatory (where the world’s largest radio telescope is) are approximately 1-½ hours’ drive from San Juan.
  • And best of all, you don’t need to worry about packing your winter coats to come to San Juan because the weather stays warm all year round!

What you will find in this Travel Guide

Whether your visit is for business or pleasure, this travel guide is intended to give you an insight of the many things you can do, see and explore in the beautiful city of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

Here is a summary of what you will find in this San Juan Travel Guide:

As for me, there is also a section that tells you a little bit about my story and where I share in more detail my passion about San Juan and Puerto Rico.

I hope this website could be helpful to you in planning your visit to San Juan. And if you are just exploring the possibility of traveling there someday, I hope I spark your interest enough, and Puerto Rico makes it to the top of your list of places to visit.

¡Bienvenido a la Isla del Encanto!
Welcome to the Isle of Enchantment!

San Juan Gate


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